Delaware Corporate Law Update

Updates on Delaware Corporate Law by Evan O. Williford, Esq., Delaware Corporate Litigation Attorney.

About Evan

Evan O. Williford is the principal of The Williford Firm LLC. Mr. Williford has extensive experience in corporate litigation before the Delaware Court of Chancery and Supreme Court specifically, and commercial litigation before Delaware courts in general. Mr. Williford also advises clients on questions regarding Delaware business law that are non-routine or likely to lead to litigation.

Mr. Williford has authored a number of articles on Delaware corporate law in such publications as The M&A Lawyer, the Corporate Governance Advisor, and Insights. Mr. Williford is a member of the Delaware Bar Association and the American Bar Association.


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Delaware Corporate Law Update solely reflect the views of Evan Williford of The Williford Firm, LLP. Its purpose is to provide general information concerning Delaware law; no representation is made about the accuracy of any information contained herein, and it may or may not be updated to reflect subsequent relevant events. This website is not intended to provide legal advice. It does not form any attorney-client relationship and it is not a substitute for one.
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